Hoya Tracer

The tracer from HOYA is a useful equipment to accurately and precisely measure the dimensions of a frame. This measurement helps to optimise the fitting of the lenses into the frame, whether you choose to order the lenses pre-cut, or choose to cut them yourself. Furthermore you can create your own frame database which helps to create a faster workflow if it is used with HoyaiLog.

What's in it

With this latest generation of tracers, HOYA prepares you for the future. It features soft touch tracing and can trace a high base curve  with its patented swing function.

When working with HoyaiLog and having HoyaiLink you can either trace on the frame/shape page during the order process or access the dedicated tracer dialogue via the HoyaiLog menu. 

Because tracing a frame takes some time, the tracer view is opened in a new browser tab or window, depending on the browser settings. This allows you to continue your work with HoyaiLog while tracing. It has a similar functionality as the basic tracer page, but is expanded by functions to manage the performed traces. The menu entry is only active if a tracer is configured for the current workstation. Configured tracers will appear in the workstation menu. 

Why you'll love it

Easy to use - easy and intuitive use with no training required

Precise measurements - ensures a perfect mounting of the lenses

Ensures a perfect fitting of the lens in the frame - providind satisfied customers

Connected -  
provides an efficient workflow

More about Hoya Tracer

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