Never before it was so easy to enter data and receive such smart output, based on the information you entered. HOYA'S online ordering system HoyaiLog adapts to you instead of the other way round. Next to many new features, HoyaiLog allows a fast start for opticians that are new to HOYA, with the minimum risk of technical problems. It is designed in such a way that first time users will find HoyaiLog extremely easy to use from the very first day!

What's in it

Based on a six steps process, HoyaiLog allows to order the most optimal pair of  lenses. It takes into account the following steps:


To cover a wide range of shop types, HoyaiLog can be configured to suit to your individual demands. It is possible to define a group of shops, create accounts for all employees and assign roles to them, configure products and customize the current workstation to special needs.


Enter the customer's prescription values like sphere, cylinder, addition or prism. It will ensure a precise vision at all distances.


On the lens page, that takes into account the prescription step you entered before, you will see all the types of lenses that are
compatible with the customer’s prescription.


Many treatments are available for the lenses chosen, but this always depends on the design and material you've already selected. What you see in this step are basically three different areas: coatings, tints and photochromic or polarized.


In the shape definition step we have to define a frame shape.  You can either use your tracer or use a frame database. Additionally a shape view provides you with verification of whether the lens design and diameter selected fits perfectly to the shape chosen.


The summary page displays important order information in one single page. The sample picture on the left shows the summary page of an order as an example.

Have a look at the summary at the end of an order

Why you'll love it

Web based -
provides the opportunity to order anywhere at any time

Simplicity - 
easiest and smartest use in the market, no special training required

Always up to date -
continuously being updated

Connected -
 ensuring an efficient workflow through easy information transfer

More about HoyaiLog


Available format

HoyaiLog Online
Available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Check-it out here

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