HoyaiLink-in-a-box is connecting as HoyaiLink, all Hoya tools such as visuRealvisuReal portableHoya iDentifier,
Hoya Vision ConsultantHoyaiLog, and your HOYA Tracer.
Further HoyaiLink-in-a-box has been created to offer a  possibility to trace a frame from any mobile device or in a 
Terminal Server environment.   

What's in it

Picture needs to be replaced 

The box with an SD card

HoyaiLink-in-a-box includes an industrial SDHC flash card with 16GB storage to contain the OS (Linux) and HoyaiLink software inside.


HoyaiLink-in-a-box is pre-installed with the needed software. Hence it only needs to be connected to the tracer via a serial cable. 

Why you'll love it

Connected -  
provides an efficient workflow

Simplicity - the setup for HoyaiLink-in-a-box can be easy done thanks to a Plug & Play system

Mobile - Trace remotely in Terminal Server and from mobile device

Competitive edge - distinguish yourself from the market in a modern and innovative way

More about HoyaiLink-in-a-box

HoyaiLink-in-a-box Manual Setup Guide
HoyaiLink-in-a-box Manual Setup for Linux
HoyaiLink-in-a-box Specifications
HoyaiLink-in-a-box in action
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