visuReal® portable

visuReal® portable turns each iPad into a light, mobile and very precise video centration system for your practise. The system collects the required measurement data very quickly and precisely. By means of a high-performance software the measurement images and the measurement data are collected and evaluated via cloud computing.

What's in it

Ultimately mobile

visuReal® portable ensures you freedom of movement; you can use it at any time and anywhere within your shop.

Professional standards

Although portable, the app ensures the same accuracy as non-mobile visuReal® solutions. visuReal® portable is the proud winner of a SILMO d'Or award in 2012. 

Always up-to-date

Always easy access to the latest version via online updates. visuReal® portable is web-based and uses cloud computing for its calculation.

Possibility to upgrade

You can upgrade  your portable video centration system to the visuReal® portable plus.

visuReal® portable plus

visuReal® portable Plus is an upgrade on the visuReal® portable which helps to organize the measurement process as simple as possible. "Video centration as easy as taking pictures".

Automatic activation of the image

Software recognises automatically distance,viewing direction and image position. The AutoShot can be switched off and imaged taken manually, if preferred. The image will be taken automatically if the following conditions are fullfield:

  • The center line (sensor) turns into green
  • The inclination and the head rotation is not too high or low
  • Marking are positioned within the photo mask and outside the vertical lines to ensure the recommended measurement distance

Automatic lens diamter calculation

The diameter will be automatically calculated. If a correction is necessary, please move the small flags. Thanks to the detection 
of the lens diameter you can achieve optimised orders.

Automatic calculation of ABC Mets Code

visuReal® portable plus will automatically recognise the frame shape and the ABC Mets code will be calculated. ABC Mets detection saves time during the order procedure and enables an optimal reduction of center thickness also without frame tracer.

Why you'll love it

Mobile - easy access to the measurements any time, anywhere

Connected - quick transfer to other programs thanks to HoyaiLink

Simplicity - quick and easy understanding of the system  after a short training session 

Precise measurements -  to ensure perfect vision 


Is Multi-usage of the App possible?
How will the taken pictures be stored?
Is it possible to see the differents e.g. between Single Vision and Progressive type?
Does the App work without any internet connection?
Is it possible to do measurements when sitting on a chair, because it's a bit easier to get the iPad "stable"?
I have a visuReal®, do I need it, if I purchase visuReal®portable app?
How is visuReal® portable on iPad compatibility with HoyaiLink?
What happen with the customers who don´t buy any measurement?

Available formats

iPad App visuReal® portable
Available for the latest iOS version
Download at the App store

visuReal tower 
visuReal is available in tower format. Giving a premium
look for your store. Click here for further information.

What others say

"The Visureal App is a really slick piece of kit. It provides us with not only a great piece of dispensing technology but also adds a real feeling of value to the patient.  The interface is very intuitive and easy to use with just a little training. It allows us to quickly show our patients the extra length we are going to in order to provide them with the best possible dispensing solution. We’ve been able to increase our sales of freeform lenses and in doing so have seen the volume of non-tolerant patients drop to almost zero – an all round winner for everyone!" 

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