The visuReal® video centering system provides a precise measurement which guarantees a perfect centering of spectacle lenses. 
Designed by people in practice, visuReal® was developed to meet real-life demands. The system features top quality workmanship and represent top-class, durable technology.

What's in it

With the visuReal® you have the opportunity of an automatic detection of measurement data within seconds using an easy-to-handle 3- step automation process. The full HD camera provides 30 images per second with a tack sharp resolution of 1080 pixels. Thanks to it's lateral & vertical movement, the camera adjusts to the position and thus height of the customer. This helps doing measurements for customers which have to sit due to special requirements. 

visuReal® has a stylish appearance which is suitable for all practice interiors. The quick imaging process makes it possible that you and your customer enjoy a comfortable dispense.

Thanks to state-of-the-art  technology, visuReal® automatically and quickly determines all the important parameters required to manufacture a pair of spectacles. Simple operation guarantees great ease of use of the application.

Why you 'll love it

Enhances your customer experience -
for satisfied and convinced customers

Intuitive to learn - easy to use and understand without any training

Precise measurements -
to ensure perfect vision  

Adjustable height - can be adapted to the height and position of your customer

FAQ visuReal®

Will visuReal® consider that every person converges differently?
What are the technical specifications?

Available formats

visuReal® portable
VisuReal is also available for iPad
for the latest IOS version. 
Click here to go to the visuReal®portable page

visuReal tower 
visuReal is available in tower format. Giving a premium
look for your store. 

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