Hoya Vision Simulator

Experience technology 

Using customers’ actual prescription, the Hoya Vision Simulator allows you to provide a highly accurate, 3D representation of the optical effects of various lens designs and treatments.The Hoya Vision Simulator closes the gap between virtual reality and individual reality, giving your customers the opportunity to choose the options that work best for them.

What's in it

Real-life 3D simulation

Hoya Vision Simulator is a 3D simulation that takes into account the wearers' prescription and wearing parameters. It is controlled by an application downloaded onto a smartphone that is placed into the headset. Your customers look through the headset and see a real-life 3D simulation of how their vision can be improved with different lens designs and treatments.  

Compare lenses

The difference between premium and conventional 
lenses becomes clearer with the Hoya Vision Simulator. 
This makes the final choice for lenses and treatments simple, accurate and tangible, increasing trust and overall satisfaction.

One connection

Hoya Vision Simulator is connected to all other Hoya tools and services via HoyaiLink technology. It makes your consultation easier and faster. You can grab your patient data at any time.

PD adjustment

The hardware is capable to adjust the lens distances 
to match wearers' pupil distances. It will reduce convergence hence creating the best viewing experience.

Trial lens holder

The hardware is equipped with trial lens holders. The trial lens holders are used in combination with trial lenses to support those with vision problems and help them see the screen clearly. Every prescription and cylinder is accommodated, it's limitless.  

Why you will love it

Increased customer satisfaction - enhances customers’ shop experience by offering them the opportunity to ‘see before they buy’. 

Highest level of accuracy - by applying all the wearing parameters and exact prescription, the Hoya Vision Simulator offers the highest
level of accuracy. 

User-friendly and hygienic - designed for use in the store. The tool is user-friendly, hygienic and easy to clean.

Vision quality guaranteed by the Hoya lens inside the device

What others have said

Despite my fear of not being enough comfortable in front of new technologies, I felt it has been really easy to use.
I think that with HVS, the customer (wearer) will have all the information to choose the product suggested by the optician, because he will have been able to try it before. This is really a progress, even if it will never replace the expertise of the optician.

Mr. Loïc GUEGEN Alésia Optique - Paris

More about Hoya Vision Simulator

Technical Requirements Hoya Vision Simulator App
Technical Requirements Hoya Vision Simulator Control App
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