Hoya iDentifier

Each person is unique. Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ offers an unprecedented level of individualization. Utilizing the new Hoya iDentifier the distance, intermediate and near areas are independently tailored to the needs of each individual patient. For the clearest, most stable vision in all those moments that matter so much to them.

What's in it

Based on a four step process driven by a sophisticated algorithm, Hoya iDentifier allows to select the most optimal personalized Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ lens design. It takes into account the following parameters and relevant information:


Enter  your client's prescription values as well as other important parameters like personalized reading distance and the measuring method to define the addition. It will ensure a precise vision at all distances.

Lifestyle selection

The Hoya iDentier algorithm categorises which percentage of the day is spent outdoors or inside every day, considers different lifestyle profiles, and conducts an in-depth analysis of digital media use, reading behaviour, driving, sports and professional working environment.

Frame measurements

When designing a lens, it is essential to have accurate input on the wearer. Not only input on the prescription and required correction, but also on the  wearing conditions that are exclusive for every customer and his chosen frame. This will ensure a better adapted lens leading to natural vision.
The values can also be automatically populated from visuReal or visuReal portable. This will ensure a very quick data entry.

Previous glasses

One of the key drivers for a successful adaptation is to consider the user's experience with previous glasses. The recommended design will depend on this experience and the satisfaction level they provided. 


Compare the vision provided by the new Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ lenses versus conventional progressive lenses. In this way, your customer has the opportunity to experience the vision with the new lenses before purchasing them.


On the last screen the order will be summarized. Additional parameters like material and treatments will be required to process the final order. Thanks to the connectivity through HoyaiLink the order can be easily transferred to HoyaiLog.

Why you'll love it

Personalized visual experience - this unique system guarantees a fully personalized profile for all visual demands

Active participation - involving the customer for an individual consultation experience

Customisable - adapting the process and the content to your personal needs

Connected - ensuring an efficient workflow through as easy information transfer

More about Hoya iDentifier

How to run Hoya iDentifier
See how Hoya iDentifier works

Available format 

Hoya iDentifier Online
Available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 
and Safari. Check-it out here

Hoya iDentifier
on iPad
Available for the latest iOS version; download at the App store

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