Hoya Vision Consultant

Hoya Vision Consultant is the first fully integrated consultation system. It represents a success formula to promote your professional image by using high-tech and consumer oriented sales techniques. Leave a lasting impression on your patients by identifying their visual needs and matching them to the most appropriate product.

What's in it

Hoya Vision Consultant will take  your customers through the process of understanding the different options available to them. Matching their lifestyle needs to the optimum lens solutions. 

It contains the following sections:     

Vision Library - Demonstrate the basics of the anatomy of the eye & vision. Its easy and intuitive interface will allow you to explain complicated concepts in a clear and visual way. Your customers can also navigate the different modules while waiting to be attended.

Sales Consultation - The "heart" of the system. It will support you as you guide your customers through the consultation process, from entering their prescription data to ordering the final product. 

Clear illustrations and animations as well as intuitive questionnaires will help to explain your customer’s visual shortcomings, while various comparison possibilities will help him to choose the best design, material and coating, of course based on your preferred product portfolio. A great way to involve your customer and show him his quality options. Step by step, you will present information in an intuitive and interactive way up to the final order.

You can even print a Personal Vision Profile for your customer to take home.

Hoya Vision Consultant is also very flexible. You can simply follow the recommended process or adapt it to your personal sales talk or even for every single consultation.

Why you'll love it

Personalised experience - as products become more alike, the buying experience becomes more important to distinguish yourself from others. A positive buying experience leads to satisfied and returning customers.

Customer involvement - clear illustrations and animations help to explain your customer’s visual shortcomings, while various comparison possibilities help him to choose the best design, material and coating

Simplicity - Its intuitive design and logic will allow you to enjoy your renewed sales consultation with almost no training required.

Always synchronised - interfaced with other HOYA systems and external ones, you will always have the most recent customer data and products at hand.

Available formats 

HVC Online
Available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
and Safari. Check-it out here

Available for Windows
systems (Windows XP and newer). 
Download here

iPad App HVC
Available for the latest iOS version; click here to go to the HVC Viewer page

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