HVC Viewer

Combine efficient business with the freedom to go wherever you please with the HVC Viewer application for your iPad. It uses the latest technology in augmented reality implemented on iPad. Thanks to the clear, intuitive and meaningful content it will become a "must" in your daily practice as it shows how your customers will see with different lenses before wearing them. 

What's in it

The first app with fully interactive augmented reality for the perfect, customer-oriented sales consultation. A simple way of making the visual effects of different lens options tangible and easier to understand. Your customer can instantly see the difference in performance between the different lenses in a ‘real life’ situation. There are five dedicated modules:

Progressive lenses

Demonstrate the difference in performance across the range of progressive designs. Depending on designs, fields of view and areas of distortion will change. You can easily adjust the lens power and addition to represent the client's prescription.

Single Vision lenses

Demonstrate the difference between bi-aspherical, aspherical and
standard designs. Show how different distortion levels may affect visual and binocular perception. For a more precise experience, you can adjust the sphere, cylindrical power and axis of the lens.

Indoor lenses

Explain the variety of indoor solutions available based on the functional needs of your clients, from standard reading glasses to the most sophisticated premium indoor lens. The visual representation will adapt based on the chosen design.

Anti-reflection coatings

Easily demonstrate the benefits of an anti-reflection coating in terms of comfort, such as glare reduction, contrast improvement and increased sharpness of vision.

Photochromic lenses

This feature highlights the benefits of wearing photochromic lenses demonstrating how comfortable and natural vision can be achieved in all light conditions. Compare the performance between clear and photochromic lenses ( in brown and grey). 

Polarised lenses

Show how polarised lenses enhance visual contrast and reduce glare creating increased wearer comfort.

BlueControl treatment

Now with the new HVC Viewer Sensor you can measure the amount of blue light and UV radiation that may affect your patients eyes and clearly demonstrate to them how they can protect their eyes. A very easy and intuitive module will help you to measure and compare the amount of radiation coming from different light sources.

Why you'll love it

Simplicity - Its intuitive design and logic will allow you to enjoy a renewed sales consultation with almost no training required

Portable - the consultation can be done anywhere at anytime

Competitive edge - distinguish yourself from the market in a modern and innovative way

Unique buying experience - better interaction with your customer using the latest technology from HOYA

Available format

iPad App HVC Viewer 
Available for the latest iOS version;
Download at the App store

What others have said

Very impressed

"Very impressed with this new app. Both staff and patients are delighted with the visual demonstration. Easy to use and an excellent tool for up-selling! Well done HOYA!" 

"This is an amazing app so easy to use staff and patients love it and upgrading lens options is so easy."

"I am not a HOYA customer and I bought it because I feel also very useful app to increase sales of high-endDefinitely better than many printed images of the usual ophthalmic lists." 

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