HVC Look

The newest technology to help your customers make the best style choices

HVC Look

Let your customers see right away how their new glasses fit them and what the effect  the given prescription or material has on their look. You can take a photo of your customer wearing a frame from the store display, or use a selection of simulation frames from the app. By entering the prescription and chosen lens material, HVC Look will simulate and show the effect on your customer's appearance. They can instantly see the difference and take good decisions when buying a new pair of glasses.

How it works

See how prescription and lens choice affect your customer's looks 

Enter the individual prescription and select the desired lens     material. HVC Look will then simulate how the appearance of the eyes is affected.

View differences in lens thickness

Understand in advance how thin/thick the lenses will be and help your customer decide.

Compare two pairs of lenses

Side-by-side comparison between two lens materials and thicknesses for better decision making.

Try with real or simulation frames

Take your customer's photo wearing their favourite frame from the store display, or without any and use simulation frames from the app collection.

New! Outdoor Module

Improve your customers’ experience even further with the newest addition to HVC Look. The new Outdoor Module demonstrates the effect of various treatments will have on their look.

  • Tint: Show the entire range of available tint colours, shades and polarization options.
  • Photochromic: Allow your customers to see how their photochromic lenses will look, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Mirror: Demonstrate the effect that mirrored lenses – in various colours – will have on your customers’ appearance.

Share the look 

Let your customer share their photos on Facebook and learn what others say for each like or comment they receive.

Why you will love it

Confidence in buying - seeing is believing;
let your customers decide based on facts and not words only

Opportunity to up-sell - increase your chance of up-selling by visually comparing different product quality ranges

Unique buying experience - better interaction with your customer using the latest technology from HOYA

Competitive edge - distinguish yourself from the market in a modern and innovative way

Download now

iPad App HVC Look
Available for the latest iOS version.  Download at the App store

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